We Buy Amazon Businesses


Next Century Capital is the fastest growing acquirer of Amazon FBA Businesses. 

• Experienced FBA Operators
• Creators of the 45-day close process

Sell Your Business in 45-Days

DAYS 0-5

Within 5 business days we will inform you if your company is a potential fit for our model. If we have a match, you will be sent a letter of intent.  If not, we will refer you to one of our favorite brokers. Either way, a big win for you.

DAYS 5 – 25

Due Diligence: Next Century Capital will fully reconstruct your P&L to ensure that the closing goes off without a hitch.

DAYS 25 – 35

Standard Legal Procedures

DAYS 36 – 45

Close the deal and fund bank account

Choosing the right partner when selling your business can eliminate months, even years of unknowns. At Next Century Capital, we have the most efficient close process, backed by in-house general council, diligence, and finance teams.


We are backed by a group of successful CEOs and investors.


Our dedicated diligence team will let you know exactly where you stand in today’s market. We foster a full disclosure, no pressure environment. Our firm is committed to providing you with all the resources you need to make the best decision for your business.


Next Century Capital has a wealth of experience purchasing FBA businesses from all over the world. Our goal is to get you to your goal as efficiently as possible. Most closes are completed within 30-45 days of Letter of Intent, although our record is an amazing 7 days!


We want you to be free from the burden of ownership as quickly as possible so you can go on and pursue your next dream. When you sell your business to us, you will be greeted by experienced operators who have all the resources needed to transition and run your business.


Working with Next Century Capital will lead to one of the following outcomes:

An amazingly efficient closing at a price that makes you happy.

No sale, but you will leave with a clear understanding of market dynamics and a functional P&L that is market ready.

An introduction to one of our vetted partners in the Amazon broker network.


Ferdinand, Founder

“Not only was my business in a competitive niche category, but it was also incorporated overseas.  I was amazed at how smoothly my sale went. Next Century Capital did everything they said they were going to do and more. I cannot recommend them enough!”

Vince, Founder

“My first call from the Next Century Capital team was on a Tuesday. Within seven days, my business was sold! Within 30 days, the money was in my bank account and I was off starting my new business!”

Angela, Owner/Founder

“Our brands were domiciled in multiple countries. Additionally, our books were not truly ready for market. Next Century Capital was able to manage all of these issues and we were able to sell our business quickly and at a price that made us happy”

The exponential growth of the Amazon ecosystem has lead to the creation of thousands of multimillion dollar niche brands, virtually overnight. Many of these companies lack the capacity to sustain further growth without the influx of capital or nuanced expertise. That’s where Next Century Capital steps in. “